Surrogacy Facts


Surrogates can be Surrogates multiple times

Depends on health, age and ability to successful carry a pregnancy, most women can be a surrogate more than once.

Surrogacy is only legal in certain countries.

One of the most important and surprising facts is that surrogacy is not legal everywhere. If surrogacy is illegal in your country (i.e., in most countries in the European Union), you will have to find a carrier in a surrogate-friendly country (i.e., Canada or the United States).

Using a surrogate will not prevent bonding with your baby.

Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming and intended parents tend to worry about bonding with their baby. Intended parents in a surrogacy context have all the rights as in a usual pregnancy and almost always, the Intended Parents hold the baby from the moment of birth and have skin-to-skin contact right after the baby is born.

Surrogacy is not only for famous people.

Celebrities use surrogacy to grow their family but it’s not only for the rich and famous. Surrogacy is an option for anyone who struggles with fertility issues, medical issues, etc. 

 She will not keep your baby.

Almost always, surrogates will have their own child(ren) prior to becoming a surrogate.  Surrogates typically are extremely supportive of the Intended Parents and wants them to experience every aspect of being a parent.  Surrogates will love the baby but will NOT want to keep the baby – she simply carries the baby for the pregnancy term and then her task is complete.

She does not do it for money.

Surrogates must meet the list of qualifications, both emotional and medical. It is not an easy process to become surrogate. Surrogate mothers are generally compassionate women who love being pregnant and want to give a wonderful gift to people that want to create family