Interviewing our Clients

In a few words, what is the feeling to be a parent through surrogacy?

It is an awesome feeling to be a parent through surrogacy. It is the only way through which we could have become parents so we feel grateful that our son was born and that we’re growing a family. We also feel proud to have accomplish what we have so far.

Tell us the circumstance that brought you to surrogacy.

We could not really achieve to grow a family without the help of a surrogate.

Was surrogacy an easy or difficult decision for you to make?

It was hard to get started and feel ready. I guess you’re never ready for it, the ride is long and sometimes bumpy but it was the best decision we made. 

How was the surrogacy process for you?

It worked out pretty easily, given that timely and complicated process.

What advice would you give someone considering surrogacy?

Be patient, weight your decisions, research a lot so you feel like you’re making the right choice. And let it go, because you can not control everything. 

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