Intended Parent(s)

What type of Intended Parent(s) are you?

We have helped hundreds of couples and individuals who are interested in becoming parents through Assisted Human Reproduction. We understand that creating a family through non-conventional means requires considerable resources, emotions and time. Our team will ensure that your rights are protected and your interests are advanced.

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International Intended Parent(s)

Canada offers an amazing opportunity for international intended parent(s) around the world to build their own family when they otherwise could not in their own country. Although Canada has been largely sought out by many international intended parent(s) due to the quality of healthcare and altruistic fertility laws and regulations, it can also come with many challenges and obstacles. We will guide you through these challenges, such as the importance of medical insurance as a international intended parent.

Same-Sex Intended Parent(s)

We have been helping same-sex marriages for many years and consist of almost half our clientele. We have often been referred to many same-sex couples due to our extensive knowledge and experience within this field. Canada has been largely sought out by many same-sex parents from around the world due to their supportive environment towards same-sex couples, however, there are still many challenges same-sex couples will face and we are here to help.

Single Intended Parent

As a single intended parent, there may be many obstacles along the way, such as having only one parent on the child’s birth certificate, but with our knowledge and expertise, we will prepare you for your journey. We have the experience and we know all of the steps in the process. We can guide you through the complexities and make your journey as smooth and stress free as possible.