Egg and Sperm Donation

Egg and Sperm Donation Arrangements

Fertility Clinics will typically require that Ova Donation Agreements are in place before any medical processes are started.  An egg donation agreement is advisable in the context of both anonymous and known donations.  The lawyers for both the Intended Parent(s) and the Donor maintain the strict confidentiality of the parties. Trying to make sense of legal requirements is stressful.  Yet whether you want to be an Egg Donor or need an egg donation, proper knowledge is essential.  Let us simplify the process, making it easy and hassle free.  Rely on us to ensure you are compliant with Canadian law, so you can go back to focusing on what matters.

Feel Informed and Make Better Decisions

Understand the ins and outs of the regulations surrounding egg donation.  Learn the pros and cons of contracting an Egg Donor from Canada versus the United States.  Evaluate the benefits of being an anonymous or a known donor.  We will present you with your options in ordinary language so that you feel confident in your choices.  Our years of experience with both Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Embryo Donors means we are able to equip you with the knowledge you need to make better, informed decisions.

Get Connected and Be Supported

Your success is our measure of achievement, and we don’t stop at legal advice.  We have relationships with the most reputable egg donation agencies in both Canada and the United States and will introduce you to the best people for your journey.  We will set you up for better service and support so your entire experience is personal and stress free.

Protect Yourself and Your Wishes

Fertility clinics require an Ova Donation Agreement be in place before the process can be started.  This agreement outlines expectations for both Donor and Intended Parents for things like Donor conduct, medical evaluation, adherence to medical instructions, and parental rights.  We’ll walk you through your options, provide appropriate advice, make your wishes heard and ensure you feel confident in your choices.  We always maintain strict confidentiality.

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