About Us

Our team of dedicated fertility lawyers and paralegals have the experience to help you with your fertility journey. Whether you’re an intended parent, surrogate, egg donor, medical professional – or simply have questions or concerns, we can help.

Who We Are

We genuinely care about your outcome and will provide you with personalized and compassionate advice. We serve you as a trusted, independent, and unbiased source of advice to lead you through the maze that is assisted human reproductive processes.

Personalized Advice

Infertility is stressful, emotional, and can be devastating. Every journey can be unique and have it’s own obstacles. We understand. Let us offer you our personalized and quality advice and provide you with a roadmap to parenthood.

Our Priority

You are our priority and the center of our focus. We care to bring you success whether you are an Intended Parent, Surrogate, or Ova Donor, Sperm Donor, or Embryo Donor. We will help you overcome challenges to create your family or provide you advice and representation so you can have (or give) the gift of a child, stress-free. Whether you need legal help or appropriate direction with IVF, surrogacy, or egg or embryo donation, we are here to help—no matter where in the world you’re located.

Meet the Team

Sean Zaboroski, BA, MBA, LLB

Fertility Lawyer

Sean provides practical guidance with the human touch as he navigates his clients through all aspects of assisted human reproductive law including surrogacy, ova and sperm donation and surrogacy birth registrations. Sean has represented traditional couples, same sex, single parents and international parents. He provides full service (egg donation, surrogacy, post-birth matters) and focuses on making the process smooth, informative and stress free for his clients.

As a father of four, Sean understands the journey to parenthood —evident in his individualized, warm-hearted approach. His extensive experience means he can go beyond standard legal advice in order to provide true insight into the industry and introducing his clients to valuable contacts in the fertility industry including to other fertility-related practitioners (agencies, clinics, etc.) as your situation requires. Sean’s clients feel supported and valued, every step of the way.

With in-person or remote meeting availability and a free initial consultation, Sean provides a risk-free, accessible experience. Contact him today to schedule a no cost, no obligation, discussion about your situation and goals!

Noella Yeo, BA, ACP


Noella is committed to providing our clients with timely, accurate and valuable support. With honors designations in both her Paralegal License from Centennial College and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, Noella displays an exceptional skills, attentiveness to detail and level of organization to your individual situation. Noella provides caring support and assistance through the fertility process, providing clients with an informative, non-stressful and predictable path towards a healthy baby or donation.

Samantha Machado

Student at Law

Samantha is dedicated to making your I.V.F. journey as simple and efficient as possible. With Honours designations in both her LLB program from University of Leeds and Bachelor of Arts from Wilfrid Laurier University, Samantha is detail oriented and extremely competent, which is demonstrated in her work with each egg/sperm donation, surrogacy agreement and birth declaration matter. Samantha offers exceptional interpersonal skills, which allows her to connect with each and every client and offer them unique and tailored support. Samantha will do all that she can to a make your legal matter as comfortable and effortless as can be.




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