4 Main Reasons to Proceed with Surrogacy


Surrogacy is more common than the general public believes:

  • Surrogacy is not limited to the rich and famous – it is a mainstream option that is becoming increasingly popular. 
  • The surrogacy process is ethical and moral, and it is well regulated.
  • The process includes input from a variety of angles – physicians, agencies, lawyers, etc. that are all focussed and experienced.
  • The following are five of the most common reasons Surrogacy is chosen as an option to build families.

1. Medical Conditions

Heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. can all make pregnancy dangerous (for both Mom and baby) or impossible.

Also, there are certain medical conditions that require medication to maintain a women’s health that can have a negative impact upon her ability to carry a baby.

Finally, some women have issues with their uterine lining which significantly limit their ability to sustain a pregnancy (examples include an irregularly shaped uterus due to a genetic condition or injury and recurring fibroids, etc.)

2. Same-sex couples

Same-sex couples, most commonly men, do not have many options and they often choose surrogacy as the best option to build their family. In recent years surrogacy has become increasingly popularity in the LGBT community.

3. Age Considerations

One of the most common reason why women is seeking out for a surrogate is that she is at an age where she would not be able to safely carry a pregnancy.

4. Personal Choices

For both individuals and couples, surrogacy can also be a discretionary choice based on lifestyle and available finances.  As example, carrying a pregnancy may not be in the woman’s interests.